Design patterns and uml


A few suggestions:
1.) We could have a discussion for all design patterns used in this book ( each chapter which pattern is used where and why).
2.) Advice, suggestions about good practices for design patterns for android programming (for example: database: abstract factory, broadcast recivers: obsever pattern, singelton when to use, why and more…).
3.) Discussion with pictures about UML (use case, class diagram and sequence diagram for each aplication in book) for better understanding.
4.) Errata could bi organized by chapters in sequence in one place (first discussion), second post will be organized by date (like now) only for notice that there is new errata found and link to first first discussion and post.


1-3: We appreciate your suggestions! I think a discussion of design patterns in Android could easily be its own book, though.

4: This I would love to do. I’m happy with how comprehensive and up-to-date we’ve been able to keep the errata, but you are correct that they are difficult to refer to.


Hey I have done Java and I am heading towards android to be in the designing field. Can you please suggest me some good books for this. On the other hand I am planning to be in web designing field as it is on a high these days. Which one is much better from these two? Please suggest me according to the current trends. :slight_smile:
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