Did anyone else find this chapter challenging?


hii,what type of problem i will get if i skip this chapter??


I’m a retired 65 year old whose experience of programming was kindled by the ZX81. As time passed I started fiddling with spreadsheets and databases. Having, been so frustrated by windows 10 crashing I decided to switch to an iMac. Glad I did. But, my personal challenge was to try and design a very simple app for my phone (no idea what though).

Anyway, I started with this book and like others found it very good until I got to Chapter 20 when I admit I joined the forum to ascertain a solution, which I later understood - I think? But, this chapter has me lost, and whilst I would like to continue, I wonder whether I would be better off fiddling around with Automator instead as others readers seem to be far more experienced?


Thank you!!! This answered some tough questions for me.


The root cause of the problem is not the book. One may be surprised to read this, but the book implicitly assumes that the reader is already familiar with the core foundations of programming.

If you need help with core foundations of programming, you can contact me through Pretty Function.


Hello ibex10,

I’m late to this discussion, and I think I may concur with a lot said in this thread about book and information pass vs challenges set.

You mentioned the problem is not with the book but that it explicitly states we should have familiarity with core foundations of programming, can I ask where it says that? (I reread both some of intro and public synopsis)

The book consistently introduces new challenges without first having discussed them and I wouldnt have purchased having known it was for intermediate or even vaguely familiar programmers.

Finally, that having been said the offer of contact long you at pretty function is a generous one. Is it still open?


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I didn’t use the word explicitly :slight_smile:; but, yes, my door is always open even if you can’t afford to pay.


Aha, my bad, :slightly_smiling_face: I misinterpreted previous comment. Acknowledged on the open door. Thanks