Different book versions - print, Kindle, iBooks


I took the Beginning iOS class last week (awesome!) and I noticed in class that the print edition of the book we used in class had some significant updates (notably the code in the Media Player chapter). I was shocked that the print edition was more up to date than the Kindle edition I had bought before class.

  1. Will the updates in the print book be coming to the electronic editions (iBooks and Kindle)?

  2. Is there an electronic edition that is more likely to be kept up to date, between iBooks and Kindle?

It seems silly to me that the eBooks are out of date, when the changes exist, but you have to go to a website to read them.



I’m not sure why some people’s kindle editions are out of date; we’ll talk to the publisher.


Thanks Joe!

One other piece of feedback - in the Kindle edition, increasing the font size has no effect on the code (presumably because the code is treated as images?). Sometimes I want to make the code bigger and I don’t know of a way to do that currently.


I bought the Kindle edition some time ago and am just starting to look at it. Is there a way to get a .pdf version of the book without having to buy it again? As it is this is the only Kindle boom I have and I use GoodReader to read everything else. I also have problems opening Kindle on my Mac because the app sucks.


InformIT.com sells a watermarked PDF version of the 2nd printing (Oct 2010). There is no longer DRM on it so you can view it on both your Mac and on your iPad.

At this week’s course in Atlanta, Aaron said that the newest version (2 Ed.) should be released by this Jul 1st.

Does this help?



What about PAGE NUMBERS for the Mac (and probably other devices) Kindle applications?

According to Amazon, iPad and Mac Kindles support page numbers, as long as the digital publication includes them…

(and I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate digital ‘locations’ with a passion, and hate the fact that simple gestures like swipe can move my reading place a long way from where I was… OTOH, for me, in Australia, the Kindle editions at $30 or $40 are about 1/4 the price of the printed books, so I’m prepared to wear some pain)


Ryden, this is also something worth looking into. Thanks for the heads-up.