Do not understand error msg


hey folks,

i keep on getting the following error msg when clicking on the camer icon:

2010-07-19 20:41:05.000 Homepwner[2407:307] *** ERROR: FigCreateCGImageFromJPEG returned -1. Input (null) was 614448 bytes.
2010-07-19 20:41:19.334 Homepwner[2407:307] *** ERROR: FigCreateCGImageFromJPEG returned -1. Input (null) was 791644 bytes.

doing this repetitively causes the application to crash. any things as to how i should go about fixing this is highly appreciated =)



hey guys,

i was just not able finding my mistake on my own. so i downloaded the source files from the book and compiled the files from folder 13… and i am getting the exact same error msg when taking a picture:

2010-07-21 19:09:52.941 Homepwner[374:307] *** ERROR: FigCreateCGImageFromJPEG returned -1. Input (null) was 645925 bytes.

so i guess i didn’t make anything wrong. no matter what i would still really love to know what that error message meant. anyone?



Are you on the iPhone 3G?


yes. is that phone too old? i still have to wait a couple months until i will finally get the new iphone4… until than i am stuck with this old puppy =(


I’m wondering if there is a memory shortage issue.

Sorry, couldn’t tell you exactly without being able to reproduce.


I also get this error:

*** ERROR: FigCreateCGImageFromJPEG returned -536870195. Input /var/mobile/Media/PhotoData/100APPLE/IMG_0002.THM was 4697 bytes.

I’m running 4.0 on a 2nd Gen iPod Touch which doesn’t have a camera. The error does not stop the program, the photo album screen does show and I can pick a photo correctly.


It is possible that this is debug code left in by Apple for creating image thumbnails. That’s my best guess - if all things in the app work properly, all is good.


A quick google of the error message shows other people also getting the error, but their apps still
continue on correctly. It seems to be a new error since 4.0…

Anyway, thanks for the guess. I really like the book plus this forum is valuable too!


I could get the warning to go away AND it was a LOT quicker adding this method to my view.

-(void) willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)toInterfaceOrientation
duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration {
// nop
// trying to get warning to go away

Happy coding!