Documentation not appearing in organizer window


When I open the organizer window in Xcode 5 using the key-shortcut (I can’t find the button that is indicated in the tutorial), it only displays Devices - Projects - Archives. When I open the Documentation Viewer under the help menu, the only main topic is “What’s New in Xcode 5”. None of the other documentation is included. In preferences/downloads, there is a list of various documentation that can be downloaded, but the options do not line up with what the BNR book indicates should be there. Any ideas? Thanks.


Nevermind. Apparently the whole documentation system in 5 is completely different and it looks like it cannot be browsed, only searched. Very odd way of doing things…


So how do we access it?


When typing code you can hit the esc button and there’s a little link for accessing the documentation at the bottom of the pop up. I don’t see anywhere to access it otherwise.

Also, it looks like it is on-line at if you have a mac dev membership.


I’d recommend downloading the documentation from the preferences. Shift+Option+Command+? will open the documentation for searching. I haven’t found a way to just browse it yet either. You also still have the quick help on the Utilities sidebar.