Does iPad have proximity notificaitons?


Does the iPad have proximity notifications? I assume not as it doesn’t have a phone and it would be quite funny putting your face to it right?

With each chapter has am targeting to iPad because that is ultimately what I must develop for.


maybe you can try and check

if ([[UIDevice currentDevice] respondsToSelector:@selector(setProximityMonitoringEnabled:)]) { // yep, you can at least say the device to enable proximity monitoring [[UIDevice currentDevice] setProximityMonitoringEnabled:YES]; }

the documentation says this:

so basically, you should do it like in the example, try and put your face on the ipad and monitor if the UIDevice property proximityState remains NO. Nice. :slight_smile:



Just checked Apple’s tech specs for the iPad, and no, it does not have a proximity sensor; which makes sense, given there’s no real need for one unless you plan to use it as a phone (which is not an application for which the iPad was designed.)

You might be able work with the ambient light sensor to make it badly emulate a prox, but I wouldn’t want to do that.