Doesn't run on Gingerbread device and errata

  1. When I try to run the app on a Gingerbread device I get an error:
    11-10 20:22:02.945: W/dalvikvm(339): VFY: unable to resolve virtual method 760: Landroid/support/v4/app/FragmentActivity;.getActionBar ()Landroid/app/ActionBar;

Some minor errata:
2. In Listing 20.1, the @SuprressWarnings has disappeared.

  1. In Listing 20.6, the deleted ‘Log.i(…)’ line was inside the ‘if (success)’ statement.

  2. In Listing 20.9, I didn’t have ‘new Date()’ after ‘private Date’ previously.

  3. The old part of the landscape layout in Fig. 20.9 is different from the one in Fig. 19.9 (but the same as in Fig. 20.8).

and a suggestion:

  1. In the text after Fig. 20.5, you refer to CrimeCameraFragment, so you may want to include it in the diagram.