Don't get the result shown in the book


Hi, all,

After trying chapter 19 out twice, and not getting the result shown in fig 19.11, I thought, hey, I’ll try the downloaded solution. Guess what - that doesn’t get the result in 19.11, either. (I do feel a little better that my result and the downloaded result match, but still…)

Am I missing something? I get all of the Accepting, Becoming, Resigning messages just fine. I do not get The string is now … messages. I’m completely stumped as to what I might have missed.

Major props, though - this is the first thing I’m having trouble with. Thanks.


OOPS. Sorry to have bothered you - somehow I didn’t realize that the typing was done in the yellow box, not in the text fields. All better now.


I run into the same problem.
Now, thanks to you, its sorted (or actually, it always was)