Downloadable Figures From Book



I’m on a 15" MBPRetina, reading through the kindle edition. The figures tend to be difficult to follow (deeper inwards w/ object diagrams) due to size. The Kindle app provides no solution for this :unamused:

It would be great if someone could get the OK to put up the figures for viewing larger or download.



If you have an iPad, each of those figures can be zoomed in on by double tapping it. That’s the only alternative I’ve come across thus far.


I do have an iPad and the physical text and am glad I can reference them if needed, but it appears that the Kindle app for OSX may not have been designed by the same team that made the iOS brethren :unamused:

I’m surprised that that RFP for the team didn’t include readers possibly referencing technical documents while having their development or working environment also open on that same computer. I sent in a feature request. crosses fingers :confused: