Downloaded 05.Whereami in solutions & solutions-1 dir crash


I downloaded the solutions from web and tried to run the 05.Whereami in solutions & solutions-1 folders, but they both crashed.
It aborted with SIGABRT signal at the UIApplicatonMain line in the main.m file.

I wanted to see the working version of Whereami since mine does not show the map after adding annotation.

Could someone shed some light what I get the error?

I use Xcode version 4.1.

Thank you.


You need to add the MapKit framework to your project.


I looked at the build phases of the whereami target in the solution directory, and I see the MakKit framework is already included in there.

Any other clues?

Thank you.


Does it print an exception to the console? SIGABRT means “abort signal” and is due to an exception.