Downloading developer tools


I downloaded XCode from the Mac App Store. According to the book, after installing XCode I should have a /Developer folder at the root level of my hard drive. I don’t have that. I’ve been working through the examples and first encountered a glitch in chapter 5 when adding the call to #include <stdlib.h>. I get an error that reads: file ‘<stdlib.h>’ not found.

I’ve looked on Apple’s web site trying to find additional developer files to download, but haven’t found anything. What did I miss?


For what I’m sure are good reasons, Apple didn’t supply you with Xcode per se. Instead, you’ve installed an installer from the App Store.

Find the installer and run it to get Xcode itself.


No, I have XCode. I’ve been running it and doing the exercises in the book. What I seem to be missing is whatever is supposed to be installed in the /Developer folder, which was not installed. I can surmise that I’m missing standard libraries, because that is the specific error message I received. I don’t know what else is missing. Thanks for the reply, but I still have the issue.


I don’t know if you have fixed this problem but I would do a search in Apples support forums to see if anyone else has this bug, otherwise I would try to reinstall/redownload it from the Mac App Store. Its possible there was a bad upload on Apples server when you downloaded it.


Thanks, mazztech, for the reply. The problem is solved now. Two things: 1) I had inexplicably put double quotes around <stdlib.h> in the code editor. Not sure how or why I did that, but I think that was the main problem. 2) I finally found on Apple’s Developer site additional downloads that used to be included with XCode when it was installed from a disc rather than distributed via the app store. I downloaded and installed some command-line tools from there, but I’m not sure if that was involved in the issue, given my coding error. I still don’t have a /Developer directory, so I don’t know where these tools are being installed (other than XCode, which is in the /Applications directory).


Ahh! Of course, if the call to include the file was incorrect then you’d have issues. My question to you is do you have hidden folders hidden from view? I’m not sure if the developer directory is a hidden folder or not, but that could maybe be the case? I’m not sure.


I thought that might be the case, but when I set Pathfinder to show invisible files, there’s no /Developer directory. It’s a mystery, but I will carry on until I can’t…


well since Xcode 4.3, Xcode is now installed on the Applications directory…