Downloading iPhone SDK


I just got started with this book, and it looks very helpful. But right off the bat there’s a problem. While working on the first app, the Quiz, it became apparent that the XCode on my machine, Version: 3.2, does not incorporate any iPhone SDK components. No UIKit, no UI classes at all, just NS. That’s where the build stalls. I downloaded the code from the web site and it won’t build either.

So I tried all sorts of ways to install the iPhone SDK, or even reinstall XCode. The obvious Apple download from the developer web site seems to be “XCode 3.2.2 and iPhone 3.2” but this just hangs on my system. The download starts but doesn’t go anywhere ("(Unknown time remaining)" for the fourth time in two days now). The message line says “Waiting . . .” but no response is ever forthcoming.

I went through your “Cocoa Programming” book a couple years ago and seem to recall a similar problem with an earlier version of XCode. It somehow fixed itself, probably with a reinstall, but I can’t duplicate that now.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and what can be done about it?



Do you have an intel mac running 10.6? You might want to check the developer site again and make sure you are logged into the iPhone Developer center. Given that WWDC is going on now, it is possible that there are problems with the servers.


Either I solved my own problem or the server issue with WWDC you mentioned solved itself. Apple made all sorts of suggestions – using Safari as the browser, closing all apps, etc. None of that seemed to work, but since the download seemed to go on the Windows machine I had access to, I double-checked the process there and found the combo XCode-IPhone SDK file to download is huge, 2.3G. So I took the Mac laptop I’d been using (with a wi-fi connection) and hooked it onto the Window’s machine’s DSL line. That did the trick, although it still took several hours to download.

I’ve alerted Apple to this development and suggest they might want to break up the download file. There must be lots of developers out there who would choke on this big a download.



I just purchased the book yesterday and I am now attempting to download the iPhone SDK. On Apple’s iPhone Development Center site they only have a download for iPhone SDK 4 for Snow Leopard. I am only running Leopard. Do I have to upgrade my OS to Snow Leopard?


Yeah, they stopped supporting Leopard development recently. :frowning:


I was able to find a link to previous builds of SDK :smiley: . If others need it, this is the link to SDK 3.1.4, which appears to be the last build of the SDK for Leopard: … .

You need to enter your developers ID and password to gain access.

My question is: Will I be able to do the exercises in the book with SDK 3.1.4 ?