Dragging blue object to the Doc window


I drag the blue Object to the doc window, set its class to Foo, but my actions and outlets do not appear. Tried creating a new project 2 times, no luck, same thing. I double-checked all the code and there are no errors.

Also in the classes folder I have already 2 files, RandomAppAppDelegate.h and RandomAppAppDelegate.m, they come automatically when a new project is created, should I keep them or delete them?

I’m running the latest version of xcode.

Thanks in advance


I’m having the same problem. Would love some help! I’ve triple checked my Foo.h. It’s exactly the same.


I think it’s an interface change issue for xcode 3.2. I found the outlets and the actions populated in the Library window. Just click “Classes” up at the top, then find “Foo” and click on it. Below you should see two buttons for “Outlets” and “Actions.” That’s where they are listed now apparently.


Here are the changes I needed to make when using the Third Edition of the book with Xcode 3.2.5

Page 13: Look for MainMenu.xib not MainMenu.nib

Page 14: If Interface Builder does not show the library window, click “Tools, Library” and then click on the “Objects” tab.

Page 15: Highlight Classes before clicking File->New and then you won’t need to drag the file to Classes.

Page 16: In Xcode, remove RandomAppAppDelegate.h and RandomAppAppDelegate.m from Classes.

Page 19: In Interface Builder MainMenu.xib, remove Random App App Delegate

Page 19: In MainMenu.xib, highlight the Foo object. Then in Inspector, under the tab which has a blue circle and white letter i, verify the Class is set to Foo.

Page 19: In Inspector, look under the tab with the blue circle and white arrow, (also called Foo Connections) for the actions and outlets for Foo. If you did everything correctly, you should see “generate” and “seed”.

It shouldn’t have been that difficult. It took me a long time to get all of those steps figured out. I guess Xcode 3.2.5 moved some things around since the book was written.