eBook version of Coca Programming for Mac Os X (4th edition)


I have been looking around for a couple of days for the digital version of this book but I can’t find it anywhere.
Is there a delay between the paperback version and the digital version of this book? If there is when is it coming out?


There is digital version on InformIT -> informit.com/store/product.a … 0321774086

It is PDF and ePub version for one price without DRM (tho with some watermarks with your name).


Yeah!!, thanks for the info.


It’s in the iTunes app store too (iBooks). Had to buy it in the US store though, it’s not in the Dutch store. Not sure about other countries…


I’m using the Nook Book version from bn.com. Make sure if you do this, you get the Nook Study edition of the software for Mac. The standard Nook edition crashes when trying to open the book. Also the page numbers don’t line up the same as the printed copy. I can’t reference any of the errata page numbers.