Eclipse context-sensitive auto-complete


I’ve found Eclipse’s auto-complete to be quite helpful except in a couple of instances:

  1. When I’m overriding a method, I can’t start typing

@Override public void onCreate

then hit Ctrl-Space and have Eclipse give me a list of candidates. It only says “No Default Proposals”

Is there a way to get Eclipse to present a list of overridable methods from the super class that start with what I just typed in?

  1. (Related to 1.) When I finish typing the method name – say onCreateView – is there a way to get Eclipse to show a list of signatures so that I can accept the one I want and have Eclipse fill in the signature arguments for me?


Right-click the listing and choose: [color=#BF0000]Source -> Override/Implement Methods…[/color]



I also discovered that hitting ctrl-space on a blank line brings up a list of candidate methods to implement or override. Very useful!