Eclipse does not switch to Landscape Mode


On page 157 of the book it asks us to switch our App into Landscape mode in order to verify the layout.

From within my eclipse emulator if I press CTRL+F11 it rotates the view but stays in portrait mode (so it’s being read on the side).

I didn’t have this problem with the first exercise so I have no idea if there is a setting or a missing res file. I haven’t created my layout-land directory yet as I want to make sure I am on topic before moving forward.



I don’t know what API emulator you’re running but I’ve found this to be a buggy issue with API 10 emulators. Usually I check the emulators settings (Menu / Settings / Display) and make sure that Auto-Rotate Screen has been checked. If it has it should work fine but sometimes it doesn’t so I leave my device in landscape mode and re-launch the app and hopefully it should work fine though you may still have similar issues if you rotate back to portrait mode.


Unfortunately this isn’t the case. I am running the API 17 recommended in the book and the auto rotate was set correctly. I’ll have to keep digging around.


Well after some googling I found that it’s a bug inherent in the 4.4 emulator. Recreating the emulator solved the problem!