Eclipse weirdness


Just in case it happens to someone else…double clicking on an exception in LogCat and it did NOT take me to the line in question…not sure if it’s my set up or depreciated behavior


It can be very picky about where exactly you double-click. Be sure that you’re double-clicking on a line referring to code you have access to (usually your own code) and if your Logcat is word-wrapping the lines, double-click on the first line of the given stack frame.


same here. double clicking didn’t work for me. :confused: instead i clicked “return arrow” on one of the lines in the stack trace after the exception.


Huge help thanks, was giving my screen the “hmmm what now stare” and then read this.


It pretty much doesn’t matter where I click, or double click. It seems to just ignore me. In any case, it’s not jumping back to my code. I really can’t figure out what else to do to make it work. Any other suggestions?


I found the answer here: … -work?rq=1