Editorial Note on Page 189


A minor editorial comment on pg 189. The Taking pictures and UIImagePickerController section directs one to replace the init method with the changes specified. In fact, ItemDetailViewController.m did not have an init method until this direction, so the verbage is a bit misleading.

I went to the BNR “solutions” example code for Homepwner_ViewControllers (which looks like it matches up against Chapter 12), and I do see both init and initWithNibName:bundle: routines as follows:

- (id)init
	return [super initWithNibName:@"ItemDetailViewController" bundle:nil];

- (id)initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibName bundle:(NSBundle *)bundle
	return [self init];

Maybe some edits to the book were made post-example code creation (or vice versa?) and the two were never synched.

Anyway, I humbly suggest one of two possible solutions:

  1. In Chapter 12, where ItemDetailViewController is created (An Additional UIViewController on page 172), you could direct the reader to create the init and initWithNib:bundle: routines. You can do this by either explicitly spelling out the code, or since by that point in the book we are all familiar with what it means to create/override those methods, just direct the reader to create these routines by referring to a previous instance in the book.


  1. Modify the verbage on pg 189 to direct the reader to create the overriden init routine that is provided.