Encountering Difficulties in These Latter Chapters


I’m starting to encounter difficulties in successfully running these sample codes in these latter chapters.
I don’t want to feel discouraged, because I really want to be able to finish this book and tackle the next book iOS programming.
My goal is to be able to create my own simple app one day. I am motivated by that, but lately I’ve been having difficulties with the latter chapters.
Any advice? I wonder is it because now we have iOS 6 which causes slight differences between the book samples that are targeted for iOS 5 or earlier maybe?
This is my first iOS application and I can’t get it to run correctly and I feel stranded. Sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for this programming thing, but I want to learn it so badly.


In this chapter, there is too much GUI-material to chew on especially for those who are new to GUI programming, and even more so for those who are new to programming. Therefore, don’t feel discouraged; you can safely ignore the GUI material.

After making sure that you are relatively comfortable with your ability to write non-GUI programs, you can start reading one of the BNR books for GUI programming to start learning all about how to write shiny applications for shiny devices.

On a closing note, for this chapter they should have picked a much simpler GUI example: just a simple container view and a few buttons in it.

Don’t give up; keep learning!


Thank you ibex for continuing to be a great mentor in answering my questions and giving me encouragement. :smiley:
I will continue onto the next chapter.