Entering and Exiting Full Screen Mode with a Button click


I am enjoying reading and learning from the book. It’s the best technical writing so far.

Got a question which has puzzled me for days.

In the TypingTutor project, I added a push button called “Full Screen” below the BigLetterView, created an AppController class, and defined a (IBAction)handleFullScreen:(id)sender in AppController.m. When press the FullScreen button, I want the BigLetterView to enter full screen mode. My trouble is that, once the BigLetterView isInFullScreenMode is YES, my control buttons is covered, and I want to press the “ESC” key to let BigLetterView exit FullScreenMode. So, once BigLetterView is in FullScreenMode, all keyboard events are blocked, the focus is lost to something else. I ended up rebooting every time to exit out of the program.

Any pointers?