ePub Format?


I noticed that the title doesn’t include iPad? Is this an indication that there is not much iPad coverage? I was expecting the title to be iPhone and iPad Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide.
The other thing is I was wonder if there is a epub format option? I know there is a kindle app for the iPad, but I would really like to have my ebooks in the one app, iBook. Small thing, but I’d prefer that. If epub is not available, Kindle will do. Just a preference.


I have the same question. There is news on the website talking about the iphone and ipad programmers guide and i was wondering if this is the same book?


I just bought the book in print form (no idea about the availability of an ePub format) but to answer your iPad question. There is a small chapter on iPad at the end of the book, which mentions developing on the iPad, like making Universal apps and shows how to make one of the iPhone examples in the book into an Universal app ready for both iPhone and iPad. It also mentions the classes that are only for the iPad.

I’m making iPad apps too, so that chapter in conjunction with Apple’s iPad docs and sample code have been fine for me. I haven’t found iPad much of a change from iPhone/iPod development (iPad just introduces a few new classes, APIs, etc. which can easily be learned from the Apple iPad docs).


Ditto on the ePub format. Right now, the only electronic options I’ve found is the Adobe Flash / DRM based book from InformIT and the Kindle variant from Amazon. Any chance you’re going to sell through Apple bookstore? Is this going to show up in O’Reilly Safari? Then I could at least get the PDF variant. Otherwise, Kindle is the only option for reading on my iPad. :frowning:


We are working on getting the book available for iBooks.

As far as iPad programming: Aaron and I knew well enough in advance what the iPad was going to add to have time to add new chapters if they were important. However, none of the iPad-specific additions to the SDK warranted their own chapter, other than a brief introduction to universal applications. Better said, none of the new features introduced any new concepts. It is our strong belief that if you can work your way through the book, any of the new iPad stuff will be easy for you to pick up (5 minutes of reading the API reference).


For those interested, it’s not ePub, but I just bought the PDF version of the book through O’Reilly Safari Books Online.


JoeConway - any estimate on when it will be available in iBooks? I really want this book but would prefer to get it in iBooks since all my O’Reilly and PragProg books are in that library already.


From what I understand, our publisher is negotiating with Apple with a concern over pricing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much more information than that; I’m just the guy in the cave with a laptop.


Too bad you can’t sell ePubs through pragprog or Oreilly. Those work equally well in iBooks.


This book seems to be available in ePub format through ebooks.com, although I have never heard of them before. If anyone knows if this is legit or has purchased from them before, I’d be appreciative. Thank you.


I’ve seen this before unfortunately - it’s “ePub for Adobe Editions”. My understanding is that it’s DRMed by Adobe and must be opened with Adobe Editions - an Adobe tool - hence ruining the usefulness for the iPad.


I really like the the companion ebook option that apress offers.
When you buy the paper book you can have a the ebook as SDF for additional $10.
Something like this would be really great!