Errata Addition


On pages 384 & 385 when creating the iOS Application you do not reference whether to have the ARC checkbox checked nor does the Figure 30.3 even show that checkbox. I realize that the book was put together before the actual release of Xcode 4.2 (maybe even Lion) but since the book’s target audience should be running Lion and using Xcode 4.2 I think these need to be addressed in your errata area.

I chose ARC as glancing ahead through the code, I didn’t see any memory management coding.



Thanks, Lou. We decided not to reference the ARC setting in every exercise because the book is based on an ARC environment (ARC is used for every exercise, except for in Chapter 4 where we turn it off briefly), but that screenshot definitely needs to be updated.



I just finished the chapter and on page 388, 1st paragraph, there are some misspellings. “outlt” should be “outlet” and “See” should be “Set”.

Also, just a comment about the Control Drag to “xxx.h” files. In that paragraph and the second one on that page, you reference dragging to the “interface declaration” and then to the “properties section” as if they were different. If one was to establish a separate “ivar” section with braces in the class declaration, that makes more sense. But even the figure (30.8) you show on page 389 shows establishing the outlets as properties instead of the older method of establishing them as variables/objects and then establishing properties for them. I realize it is just a change in the way Xcode works now but not having to establish the variables/objects before establishing properties probably needs to be reinforced earlier in the book a couple of times. (I remember it was mentioned once somewhere back in the early chapters.)

All in all, updating from an earlier book that addressed all the things that are no longer necessary in Xcode 4.2 & Lion, you guys did a very good job.


I’ve made a note of these, thanks Lou.