Errata - Desperately Needed


I really appreciate this programming guide, as the presentation has been quite helpful for a no-formal-programming-instruction/new-to-Java-and-android coder such as myself. I am going through several books and videos, and I like the time taken to make things understandable.

Having said that, there is a great need for a published Errata to correct the mistakes, omissions and changes that the proofreaders missed. I have spent several hours chasing my tail on errors not of my own creation. I suppose that will help me become a better programmer in the long run, but it is somewhat frustrating and discouraging, and time not optimally spent for me, and tarnishes the image of the book, authors and publishers.

I have the .pdf, .epub, and paper versions of the book. The epub version was worthless to me. I don’t know if the error was in the book or the reader, but the strike-through and bold font style of changes all just show up the same, making it essentially impossible to use the listings. If this turns out to be the reader’s fault and not the printer’s, please publish a list of compatible readers, both for desktop and mobile devices.

Until the full correct ebook versions are available, please make an ERRATA available on line, at least in pdf format. It would make going through the chapters much easier and much more confidence-inspiring. Please update it as frequently and promptly as possible.

As to the Challenges: Although the Errata should be a much higher priority, it would be really nice if you would at least publish code examples of one or more ways in which the challenges were solved.

Thank you.


Hey clyder,

First, I’m really sorry to hear that our epub edition hasn’t worked well for you. We put a lot of effort into making it look good, but it sounds like we came short in your case. I’d love to hear which reader you were using so that we can fix the issues you’re seeing.

Second, we’ve been maintaining errata at the following thread: If you find something that isn’t in there, let us know! Post in the thread for the chapter you found the error in, and we’ll add it.

As far as the challenges go, I don’t have plans right this moment to put up solutions for those. Maintaining correct versions of the solutions themselves for some of the long exercises like CriminalIntent has been a large chore in itself that I often fall behind on. For the challenges I usually do a quick proof of concept to make sure that it is achievable, but I rarely have a complete solution. That’s not to say I won’t change my mind - if enough people ask, I’ll see if I can’t put them together and post them here in the forums.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful post. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make the experience a little smoother for you and any other readers.


Is it possible to update the version of the Kindle book on so we can “patch” the book to have the errata fixed?