Errata for the 4th Edition - Figure 11.4


Each object in the Interface Builder editor can have a label. With the NSArrayController still selected, [color=#FF0000]change to the Identity Inspector and set its Label to Cars. [/color] Once you have several array controllers in a XIB, the labels will eliminate a lot of confusion (Figure 11.4).
In Figure 11.4 you have “Attributs inspector” selected , not “Identity Inspector”.

The reference to (Figure 11.4) should be in the previous paragraph.
“With the array controller still selected, in the Attributes Inspector under the Object Controller section, set Mode to Entity Name and the entity name to Car. Also, turn on the Prepares Content option, so that the array controller will fetch immediately after it is created.”

This is not you your “Locked” Errata for the 4th Edition." thread.