In main that calls cartesianToPolar, the last two arguments are backwards. In cartesianToPolar the order is *rPtr then *thetaPtr. In main the call is cartesianToPolar(x, y, &angle, &radius); The printf statements gets the numbers right using the wrong variables. I am at locations 1456 and 1471 of 5839 in the Kindle edition. The rave reviews on Amazon prompted me to get this addition. The book arrives next week so I can’t tell a page number in the hard copy.


This typo/bug is on page 63.


The program on P63 declares radius as double. It should be float.
The program runs ok, but the output is not correct.

I started with Cocoa Programming for MAC OS X, and found it rather difficult.
I should have started with this one - looking good so far!