reading the ebook on Safari…on the Using an eBook page, there is a typo: “Auto-hyhenation OFF”




Hi (small points only - it is a very helpful book),
Chapter 2: the code from the website uses mQuestionStore

TrueFalse[] mQuestionStore = new TrueFalse[] {

and the book has mQuestionBank

TrueFalse[] mQuestionBank = new TrueFalse[] {

Chapter 3: The book code has the onCreate log as

Log.d(TAG, “onCreate(Bundle) called”);

The example from LogCat is as if Log.d(TAG, “onCreate”); was used and the web code has Log.d(TAG, “onCreate() called”);



Question to moderator: should there be a sticky Errata for each chapter or a general section for the book?



1- Thanks!

2- Errata are currently compiled at the bottom of the fora in the Errata thread.


this line


Just got the book, opened the book, found a typo, joined the forums, and here is my first post. Page xvii, first paragraph, first sentence: “As a [missing word] beginning Android programmer…” Not 2 words into the book and already a problem. :unamused:


Rick, I’m not sure there’s an issue with the clause you’re criticizing. Just as someone can be a “beginning swimmer” or a “beginning computer science student,” someone starting the process of programming in Android would be a beginning Android programmer.


Sorry, I see my original description was unclear but think there is really an error. I have the first edition, first printing, March 2013. It says “As beginning Android programmer…” with the word “a” missing between “As” and “beginning”.


The article ‘a’ is present in that sentence in the second printing (September 2013). Guess it was caught.