Error in Delegates section


It appears there is an error in the section on Delegates on page 100. There are a couple of references to “SpeechLineAppDelegate” that should be “SpeakLineAppDelegate”.


Yikes - I’m amazed we didn’t catch those. Thanks!


On page 114, it says: “You might want try adding this method to AppController.m now.” Are you referring to the SpeakLineAppDelegate? Also, “to”^ is missing.


Correct in both spots, yes.


On page 111 the two methods mention _startButton … this should have been _speakButton, yes?




On page 114, in the first paragraph under “Challenge: Make a Delegate” the text “twice as tall as it is wide” should be “twice as wide as it is tall” shouldn’t it?


Not based on the sample code in the solutions, however the line of code showing how to create an NSSize along with the descriptive text both have the dimensions inverted if they are supposed to correspond with the sample code and the original statement for the challenge.