Error: MapKit/MapKit.h: No such file or


Hey dudes! I’m getting an ‘Error: MapKit/MapKit.h: No such file or directory.’ when I try to use the MapKit framework. I added the framework into the project just like the corelocation, which worked fine, but MapKit won’t seem to work. When I open the MapKit framework in Finder, there’s only a unix executable file in its folder, and no MapKit.h. If there is supposed to be more files in there, I don’t know how I’ve lost them, seeing as this is the first time I’ve been in there. Any solutions?

I’m on Xcode 3.1.2 If it has anything to do with that. I can’t upgrade because I don’t have snow leopard :neutral_face:


…anyone? :cry:


For comparison, this is what I see in my MapKit framework for the iOS 4.1 SDK.

Stanley-MacBook-Air:~ stanley$ ls /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS4.1.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/MapKit.framework/Headers
MKAnnotation.h MKOverlayPathView.h MKPolylineView.h
MKAnnotationView.h MKOverlayView.h MKReverseGeocoder.h
MKCircle.h MKPinAnnotationView.h MKShape.h
MKCircleView.h MKPlacemark.h MKTypes.h
MKGeometry.h MKPointAnnotation.h MKUserLocation.h
MKMapView.h MKPolygon.h MapKit.h
MKMultiPoint.h MKPolygonView.h
MKOverlay.h MKPolyline.h


Hmm, in my folder, I only have iPhoneOS2.0.sdk through 2.2. So, I guess I need to update, which means I have to get Snow Leopard. Damn, apple!

Thank you so much for replying though.


Are you configured to use the 2.2 SDK? I see from the following link that it was temporarily pulled from 2.2 so maybe it would work if you dropped the base sdk for your project to 2.1. … apkit.html

However upgrading and getting at least the 3.0 sdk would probably be more compatible with the book. On page 73, the author does mention that Mapkit was added in 3.0 so I suspect that the preliminary version which existed in 2.1 according to the above link would have had other differences anyway.