Error(s) in chapter


Pg. 306:

[code]NSNumber *n = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:(lowerBound + upperBound)/2.0];

NSLog(@“moving to order %@”, newOrderValue);
[p setOrderingValue:n];

which I believe should be:

NSNumber *n = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:(lowerBound + upperBound)/2.0];
NSLog(@"moving to order %@", n);
[p setOrderingValue:n];

Also, I noticed that fetchPossessionsIfNecessary is no longer declared in PossessionStore.h, but appears in PossessionStore.m. Is there a reason we’re not declaring it in the header file - I noticed it isn’t declared in your sample files, either.


Yes, it should be n. Sorry about that.

Not sure how we left it out of the header file, but it’s okay if it isn’t there: no other object will tell the PossessionStore to fetchPossessionsIfNecessary. It is a “private” method, so to speak. In the Blocks and Categories chapter, you’ll learn a more appropriate way of doing this.


It’s correct in the Safari Books Online version.