Error when launching instruments



I’m having this very weird error.
When I run the program, everything is ok including build, but when I try to launch Instruments, I choose Profile from the
product menu, then build fails and gives me the following error :

error: -fobjc-arc is not supported with fragile abi

Somebody seen this before ?




By default, the “Profile” action in a given scheme builds for Release, where the “Build” action builds for Debug.

Is it possible that your release scheme is targeting a 32-bit architecture in your Build Settings?

ARC is only compatible with 64-bit architectures.

If you’re unsure how to check / set / grok these build settings, I’d be glad to help.

Hope this helps,


Thanks !

That was the problem. I put all the switches to 64-bit now. They were on 32-bit/64-bit.
Maybe it’s because I installed Xcode 4.2 after I read about ARC in chapter 19.


I’m still having trouble with the weak references.

__weak Employee *holder; ! The current deployment target doesn’t support automated __weak references

Does this still has something to do with ARC ?


Got it !
I changed the Mac OS X deployment target setting to Mac OS x 10.7


Thanks dennisbax keep them coming