Example code at end of chapter


Would it be possible to have example code at the end of each chapter available to download.

This is available in your IOS book. It is very useful to check that typos are not responsible for problems, and to allow you to start studying a particular chapter without completing all previous chapters relating to that project




I second this!

Aaron is this in the works?


John Roquemore


I third this recommendation. Seems to be standard practice for texts like these.



Given that the code samples are short. And that they often go through a few revisions. And that if I publish the code some people will read it instead of typing it in. I’m not going to make the code available.


  1. “But I want to check mine against yours!” If yours works, it is good enough for where you are. If it doesn’t, hunting down your own errors will be a very valuable use of your time.

  2. “But I don’t like typing that much!” It really isn’t that much typing, and you need to do the typing so that you really learn how code comes together.

On the books where there is more code (“iOS Programming” and “Cocoa Programming”), we do publish the solutions. In this case, I’m going to help you have the discipline to do the right thing: I’m not publishing the solutions.

The forum is here. I check it pretty regularly. You will not get stymied because you don’t have access to BNR-approved solutions.


Rockin’. Now we can form a black market for solutions!

$500 a pop is my price, but you’ll have to wait until next year, long vacation about to start. Take a number and I’ll get right with you eventually.



but one clue please

do I use


or am I barking up the wrong tree (Forest!)?


OK sorted now, code not shown hopefully only pointers

used CABasicAnimation
theAnimation.fromValue with a negative amount
theAnimation.toValue with 0


I’m new to Objective-C but I strongly agree with Aaron on this point. I HATE typing and often make mistakes however a little effort goes a long way. No pain no gain. Stick to your guns Aaron. Screw the “standard practice.”