Exception not showing up


On page 267 when I add the NSException method - I don’t see that message in the console - it just seems to crash. On 268 when I change the DetailViewController to initForNewItem it works great but seems like I missed the point of the NSException. I set a breakpoint and it is getting to that point… any ideas? Is there a order where the exception needs to be in a certain place in the code?



Continuing on… when I complete page 268 now it crashes when I hit the DONE button. Seems like the initForNewItem from pg 267 has something wrong - I’ve checked it a bunch and I just retyped it with no change!



Whoops… got to keep reading as far as the DONE button - pg 268 clarifies that. Not sure what happened with NSException - I never saw the results of the: exceptionWithName: or the reason:
Moving on…


Wow - fun debug cycle… found I somehow had action:@selector(done:)]; instead of @selector(save:)];
fixed this rolled the code back to that page and now the exception works!