Hello, all,

Working my way through the book, I’m stuck on Chapter 5. I think I did everything right, but the app crashes in WhereamiAppDelegate application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions on the makeKeyAndVisible call. There’s nothing of use in the debugger other than assembly code. The sample code compiles and runs and I can’t see any differences between it and mine.

This is XCode 4.4 on Lion.




First, look harder.

If you are still convinced you have not made any mistakes, start over from scratch and work incrementally:

  1. Create the project but don’t add any code to it; build and run;
  2. Add some code; build and run;
  3. Add some more code; build and run;
  4. etc.


I am also getting the same exception after I build the application from chapter 4 and add the stuff mentioned in chapter 5. I am on line “Build and run the application. Once the application launches, the map will display a blue annotation dot on your current location.” Any help would be appreciated. I am on osx 10.8.1 and the latest xcode.


Found the issue. It was missing the MapKit library in “Link Binary with Libraries”. Might be helpful for anybody facing the same problem.


Thanks siddharthchhabra :slight_smile: Very helpful of you to post this. I was baffled as to what was throwing this exception, but I’d simply forgot to add the MapKit framework. That could have driven me a bit mad :smiley: Back on track now