Exclamation point in bindings settings


When setting the bindings on page 185, there were no completions in the model key path. In addition there was an exclamation point to the right of the entered name (ie objectValue.photo). I remember in the RaiseMan example that the exclamation points meant I had an error in bindings, so I checked the teacher’s edition code off of your website, and it had an exclamation point too. Can you tell me why this is and why the completions aren’t working?




I have the same problem in a project very similar to the Cars project. Can someone provide an explanation please?


I’ll chime in as well. I don’t see autocompletion, and I see the gray circle exclamation point. Even so, the app seems to work properly, but I’d like to understand why Xcode 4.5.2 doesn’t understand the data model.