"Expected Declaration" Warning


The build fails at the bottom of page 78. There is a warning that a declaration is expected at the bottom of the code window in ConversionViewController.swift. Can anyone explain why?



You were unable to look at some text and copy it. But it’s even worse–because Xcode will autocomplete almost everything, you also prevented Xcode from helping you.

It’s difficult to debug imaginary code (why would someone seeking help make it more difficult to get help?), but your error could be caused by a missing closing brace somewhere.


WorldTrotter builds and runs until I replace the print code with the delegation code. I have tried letting Xcode take command but the build fails at those few lines. Tried several times. Will try again. Using Xcode 7.3 on MacPro 10.11.4.


Was able to build after the third try. There was an extra space in the code that was eliminated after re-entering the code.

On to Chapter 5.