Extremely minor possible edit on 196


At the end of the very first line, there is an unfortunately placed hyphenation of PreferenceController, making the spelling look wrong. There are other (probably automatic) hyphenations, but that one sort of makes it look like it is supposed to be there in the code, especially since it is bolded. Or, maybe I’m getting too picky…


This isn’t something to edit, nor is it a mistake.

IN typography, when a word is broken up between two lines, it is automatically hyphenated.


Example 1: I went on google and I checked to see if it was grammatic-
ally correct.


Example 2: I went on google and I checked to see if it was
grammatically correct

Unfortunately English is a tricky language; I also just debated about reporting this as more a ‘literal’ error than a grammatical one. Where the problem is, is that they happened to hyphenate in a word which happened to be in bold for code syntax :slight_smile: