Fig. 28.19


Why does this figure show a push segue between the table view controller and the color view controller? I have been through this exercise twice and don’t see why it should be there after deleting the red and green view controllers.



I couldn’t find this explained in the book either so I assume it’s yet another error.

What you need to do is to click on the cell in the table view and ctrl-drag to the color view. Then select push in the menu that comes up.


Yep. That push segue is from the tableviewcell to the view controller.
Pretty sure the book leaves out the changing of the class of the table view controller from UITableViewControll to BNRPaletteViewController.


Anyone figure this out? Page 513 is about as clear as mud in terms of what to do. Frustrating to be this close to the end of the book and run into this.


Yes, the last chapter seemed a bit rushed. Considering the authors find more cons than pros with storyboards (with which I agree), I don’t blame them :wink:

Arthurzwit and monkeyboy hit on the points that make this chapter a bit confusing.

I’m not sure what’s on page 513 as I’m using the kindle version, however I gather it’s right after the red and green view controllers are removed.

To sum up the steps after deleting the the red and green view controllers:

  1. Make sure the class of the UITableViewController is updated to BNRPaletteViewController in the storyboard
  2. Ctrl+drag from the only remaining cell to the BNRColorViewController and create a push segue.

The reason this is done, but not clearly explained, is that tapping the “+” button will present BNRColorViewController modally through the second UINavigationController for the purpose of creating a new colour. Tapping a cell (i.e. an existing colour) will push BNRColorViewController by using the first UINavigationController.

There’s also no handling for the UITextField and the keyboard ends up blocking the blue slider on BNRColorViewController view.