Figure 20.4 Leaks Instrument > Don't see Cycle Graph



I am currently on chapter III Objective-C and Foundation > Preventing Memory Leaks

You guys say to choose the Cycles view from the menu bar above the table. Select a particular cycle to see an object graph.

I think you refer to an old Xcode version. (I’m on Xcode 4.2) and don’t see the cycle graph.

See screenshot below. What has changed and how can I get to the cycle graph?

Looks like the administrator does not allow me to upload a screenshot from my PC so I hope you know what problem I have.


The application that you should be in is “Instruments”. Check the menu bar and make sure that you are running the app in Instruments.


I am in Instruments. (In Xcode I go to > Product > Analyze > Instrument > Leaks)

But when I look at the menu bar I have:

Cycles & Roots (Screenshot in the book says: Cycles (No & Roots)
Call Tree

When I choose Cycles & Roots I see no Cycle Graph.

I can email you a screenshot if you like.

Thanks for help.


is your sleep(xx); in the correct place it must be before any objects are set to nil