Finding "deleteItem" or something similar w/Interface Builde


When attempting to do the “Delete” challenge I created the Delete Selected Item button and was attempting to connect it using the Interface Builder but when I drag to File’s Owner I don’t see a choice for deleteItem or anything like that. What am I doing wrong?


Your declaration in the .h file is probably lacking in some way. Stare hard at the book and make sure that yours looks just like mine.

Try compiling the code you have. That will find your syntax errors.

Also, make sure that you’ve saved the file.



Thank you! With your direction I found the issue. I did want to say that I really love the style you use to present the material in this book and your sense of humor. I am an electrical/software engineer who is just getting back into things and trying to teach myself new technologies after spending 12 years homeschooling my 4 children. Your book has been so helpful. I look forward to moving on to the other books.



Thanks for your kind note. I hope the other books are as useful to you. They represent a lot of work, and it is really nice when someone notices.