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I’m doing a programming course in Mac OS X & iOS at a Technical College in Sydney, Australia, using your book Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. I can’t find the following file mentioned at location 3492 on my hard disk. Where can I download this file.
File name: /Developer/Examples/TextEdit/txt.icns.


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I had the same problem as you.
As of XCode 4.3 it is no longer included

"Since the /Developer directory no longer exists with Xcode 4.3, some other parts of prior Xcode installations have moved.

Sample Code. The three sample projects previously available in /Developer/Examples—TextEdit, Sketch and CircleView—have been moved to the Sample Code sections of the iOS and OS X Developer Libraries at" … e_4_3.html

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Thanks, I have created my own icon and I have found the site as well.




In the terminal :

find / -iname '*.icns' 

will list every file suffixed with ‘icns’

It can be usefull to extract the pathname of file containing a string in any part of the pathname

find / -iname '*.icns'  | grep -i 'text'

This was my 2 cents…