Finished Objective-C Programming Book


Just completed the last chapter on Switch statements. Iā€™m glad it was saved until the end, because it was the most difficult chapter in the book. :slight_smile:

Quite a while ago, I had done a bit of C programming. I learned C from Kernighan and Ritchie book, and thought it was the best high-level language. But I mostly programmed in assembly language, things like micro-controllers, so I was used to programming at a low level.

I did not expect to be programming in C again, but there you go. To develop iPhone Apps, you have to know Objective-C. Now I am an Objective-C developer. :astonished:

I think the hardest part of programming in Objective-C is not the syntax or semantics, but learning how to solve problems using the hundreds of classes and thousands of methods that are in all the Frameworks written by Apple.

Kudos to author Aaron Hillegass. Very well done.