Finished the book: great version1 effort


Thank you, that was a useful book. At many levels.

I stopped iOS book to read this when I realized I needed to make friends with Objective-C.

At first I was skeptic about this book.
But this objective-c book helped while crossing the bridge. It supplied bite-sized information gently. Without overwhelming. Then went on to create a bigger picture. Without drowning in jargons.

Thank you, to everyone at BNR for the great books.
Seems like you guys both enjoy and care about what you produce…and it shows.
In this day and age of soulless “get to market quick” rush, yours is a refreshing attitude.

thank you, for being ‘direct-experience’ and all… and actually answering questions.


Thanks for taking the time to write this. I’m glad the book helped, and it was my pleasure to answer a few questions.