Finished the book - where to go next?


Hi all,

I’m just finishing up the Core Data chapter, and I think this book has ruined me as far as other computer books go - I really like the authors’ approach, with the step-by-step examples that build upon each other. I was in the bookstore looking at other iPhone books, and they pale in comparison.

So, my question is… Does someone have recommendations for good iPhone books that go into more detail on some of the different topics? Things like general Objective-C programming, View Controllers & Table Views, Audio/Video/Camera, Multi-Touch, Animation, etc.

What I really want is for Big Nerd to come out with their OpenGL ES book, and perhaps an “Advanced iPhone Programming” book. That would be great!

Thanks for any recommendations that people might have.


To be honest, now is the time to just start writing code. You know the core of all of the stuff, you just need to experiment with the fringe and get used to finding what you want in the documentation.

Having a forum or another iPhone developer that is a few steps ahead of you can also be useful in this stage, for when you really get stuck.



Completely agree with the advice that you start writing code. I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and I’m finding that some things that I really thought I had mastered are not quite there and I keep going back to the book to refresh my understanding.

I’m also finding it quite a different experience to write code for how I want things to happen rather than typing in a few commands and seeing what happens. (Class diagrams are your friend)

I can also recommend the WWDC video’s - I’ve just implemented a pinch gesture resizing my Nayshunz table row heights to reveal further details and feeling rather chuffed.



As you guys I have finished this book, read it almost from cover to cover and now I’m experimenting with SQLite a bit more than I wanted so I’m expanding the Homepwner example to use SQL for image cache. Since I’m trying to create a reusable class in the process, it may take a while.

Anyway, I think that now we can all wait for “More Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” and than later in September (as stated on Amazon) the “Advanced Mac OSX Programming”. I have the older edition of The Advanced book, but I expect that newer edition will put core unix stuff to the minimum and concentrate on multithreading and networking unique to Cocoa/CoreFoundation, things like NSRunLoop, NSStream, CFSockets and similar classes. For unix stuff we can always pick books like this one or this one.

And for the next year, if possible, a book about Quartz, Cocoa drawing classes, fonts, text drawing and CoreAnimation and possibly CoreImage. There are a lot of “Beginning iPhone Development” books, so now people probably need more focused titles. This book about the graphics on Mac & iPhone would be probably welcomed and then purchased by many iOS developers.