First Challenge: "always make a copy"


Hi there,

i have a, maybe stupid, question regarding the sentence on page 58:
“always make a copy of your project directory in Finder and attack the challenge in that copy”

Ok, i know how to make a copy of a folder in Finder. But how can i “import” that copy into XCode again ?

Thx for your help,


Once you make a copy of the directory, just open the .xcodeproj file in that copied directory.


Hi Joe,

thanks, that was too easy :wink:

Thx alot.


Okay…feeling dumb here. I have never, ever copied or duplicated anything in Finder. I went to Finder, highlighted my XCode project, and clicked on “copy” under the edit dropdown…and nothng happened. Can someone please spell out how to make a copy of the directory in Finder and then how to access the copied project?

Thank you!


Did you paste after copying it, the directory file (the folder) holding the project files?

Steps: Copy the directory file, paste it, then rename. Or you can alternatively select the file, Control-click to display the context-sensitive menu then select Duplicate and then rename the copy.

Important: You need to make a copy of the folder holding the project files, not the Xcode’s project file itself.


Thank you!