Flummoxed Trying to Deploy to my iPhone


I knew this was going to be killer. I have been warned. But I tried anyway.

  • I just activated myself on the Developer portal - paid the $99 plus taxes
  • Plugged in my iPhone, gave my Apple portal developer credentials
  • Through the Devices Tab on Organizer it seemed to connect to Apple and get a bunch of certificates
  • Tried to build to my iPhone and got errors
  • Went back portal and ran the Development Provisioning Assitant
  • I called my provisioing profile 'Dales_First_Quiz_Provisioning_Profile.mobileprovision’ and drag and dropped it into the ‘Provisioning Profiles’ section under my iPhone device in Organizer
  • I followed all the instructions in the assistant

No matter what I try I still get build failures with the same error over and over:

Then based on some googling I got the bright idea to put the name of my provisioning profile into the ‘Bundle Identifier’ section of the Quiz-info.plist file and got this error:

The authors (somewhat understandably) punted under the Deploying an Application section saying:

OK, got it. But for years now I’ve been reading about how this is one of the hardest processes to figure out. And having just spent 3 agonizing and fruitless hours on this I really have no idea what I’m doing or where to go.

If anyone knows of any resources online that can show us step by step what the heck we need to do here using the current version of xCode to get our test apps sent to an iPhone for testing, please provide the link. I really feel likeI’ve hit a wall.

I’m not even sure if we need a different provisioning profile or certificate or whatever for every single test app we make. Or is there a generic set of profiles/certificates/keys we can use to deploy test app after test app to a given iPhone. That’s what I want to do with all the various learning apps that I’ll be working on as I go through the book.

Many thanks for any help you can give.



Two things. I note that all the darn examples on iOS provisioning Portal are showing an old version of xCode. See for example here:

[developer.apple.com/ios/manage/ ... wto.action](https://developer.apple.com/ios/manage/devices/howto.action)

Anyway, on a lark I clicked on the Circle with a plus in it on the bottom left of the Devices tab in Organizer and after some machinations I clicked on the Run button and, low and behold, I didn’t get the errors any more. I actually got a ‘Build Success’ followd by a new error:

[quote]Xcode cannot run using the slected device

Chose a Destination with a supported architecturein order to run on this device[/quote]

Now, I’m testing this with my old iPhone 3 with iOS 4.2 installed.

FYI, earlier on the Project under the Build Settings I have chosen iOS 4.0 (the default was 5.1) so I’m pretty sure I have this set up for the old iPhone. Also under Targets-Quiz I chose 'Deployment Target 4.0 under the ‘Summary’ tab.

I have an iPhone 4S but I’m loathe to use that because I don’t want to risk screwing anything up on my primary iPhone.



OK … I just proved the adage that an infinate number of monkeys typing on an infinate number of typewriters could write shakespeare.

I gave up on testing on my old iPhone 3 and plugged in my iPhone 4S and prayed.

After a few mashinations, I clicked on ‘Run’ and, Thwack!! … the app was on my iPhone.

I truly have no idea what I’ve done right. I do not at all understand this whole cerficate/keys/signing babble … but somehow I got it to work and that’s good enough for now! :slight_smile:

I would still like a resource that explains this using the current xCode IDE. I note that none of the demo videos on the portal will play on my iMac or my PC in chrome of firefox. And, for some reason when I attempt to sign in with Safari it won’t even recognize that I’m a registered developer. Go figure.



You may be interested in a book titled “Essential iOS Build and Release - A comprehensive guide to building, packaging, and distribution” by Ron Roche.

At only 100 pages, it may seem expensive at around £11.25, however I have just started reading it, and it has cleared up a few things for me already.



Thanks fujilla

One other thing I noticed is that the old iPhone 3G I was trying to use has iOS version 4.2.1 on it. The highest version that the iPhone 3G will run. But I noticed that the apps we are building all use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) which the book says (just under Fiture 3.4 in chapter 3) is only supported in iOS 5 and above. Perhaps that’s the reason the sample apps I tried to put on my 3G wouldn’t work.