Folder names for newer devices problem


Long story short: The Galaxy S4, and derivatives like Sony Xperia Z1, will resolve to the values-large folder.

I posted the long winded story on Stack Overflow here: Android Galaxy S4 uses values-large?

I have another unanswered question on SO here: Drawable-xxxx : Eclipse Versus AVD

The S4 was released with no OS changes, and whatever they coded before causes it to resolve to the values-large folder (ignoring all newer names, like -sw1080dp). They have not changed anything yet to change this.

Even KitKat (API 19) will never use the drawable-xxhdpi folder, even though they have added things (like constants) to the API for it.

So, if you want a master/detail two-pane layout to not display on the a normal sized xxhdpi screen, you have to understand this.

I still have no idea if I should just delete the drawable-xxhdpi folder from my app or not.