For those who is using Xcode 5 that having problem


For those who just bought this book and already upgraded their machine with Mavericks and Xcode 5… You will encounter errors, the best solution is to install Xcode 4.6.2…

  1. download Xcode 4.6.2 from Apple developer site.
  2. mount the installer
  3. Before dragging to application folder, Drag the Xcode 4 into your desktop, and rename it to Xcode 4.
  4. Then drag it to application folder…

now you can easily follow the example in this book without any problem…


I tried your suggestion. But, I couldn’t figure out how to rename the XCode 4.6.2 version. I did get it to run and verified that it is the correct version. Although, I still get the MainStoryBoard.storyboard file and do not get the XIB file.

Also, when I run the application, it throws an exception at main, stating Thread 1: signal SIGABRT.

Any idea how I can get this thing up and running? Code looks fine and I understand how it works.



I’ve also placed a NSLog statement in the -(id)initWithNibName:…instance method and it never get’s printed out. This tells me that since both the ‘questions’ array and ‘answer’ array never receive any contents that this method is not being implemented.

Any ideas?


To rename.
in step 3. “Drag the Xcode 4 into your desktop, and rename it to Xcode 4”.
while xcode 4 is in your desktop, hit return key it will enable you to rename xcode or right click>get info>under file extension> enter ‘Xcode 4.6’…