FYI: Missing iOS 4.3 Library - How to resolve


This is just an FYI in case somebody runs into the same thing…

So I’m going through chapter 5 and got to the section called “Using the documentation”. i

It says to go to the API documentation and type in “mkmapviewdelegate”

I was getting 0 hits. Nothing! I was getting SO frustrated. So I did a little searching and found out that I didn’t have the iOS 4.3 library downloaded, therefore it was unable to search it.

You can either use the online documentation or fix it properly. To fix it properly, goto Xcode Preferences, and then the documentation tab. There will be a “Get” option next to iOS 4.3 Library. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll have to change the find preferences to include the iOS 4.3 library to search.

I’m only typing this because it literally took me an hour to figure out, and I’m looking to save others some time.


Dont know if this has helped anyone but, it certainly helped me just want to thank you for putting it out there for future readers.Thanks!