General Advice - Major Upgrade to App



After the reading the book, happy to have released my first app. But it is time for major upgrades, adding core data, and more tableviews, etc. to the mix. Wondering what the best way to proceed is:

  1. Rename my current app (say from MyApp to Myappv1) so that I leave the existing one intact, and then create a new app from scratch with the original name (MyApp).
  2. Try to add functionality to existing app.

I’m leaning toward option 1, but has anyone done this before? When I submit the updated app to the app store, will there be any problem with the entitlements file or other settings? Hope I’m not making too much out of nothing.


This is where a source-control magament system such as git can really help you out. With a good source control system in place, you can continue to provide essential bugfixes to v.1 while working on new features that won’t ship until v.2, with little-to-no redundancy in your code.


Yes, that does make sense and don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I can always revert back to a previous version of something goes wrong. Thanks!