General comments on chapter


First off I’m enjoying this book immensely and, as someone who has written technical books before, I mean these comments as constructive criticism.

This chapter really doesn’t match the quality of the 6 that preceded it. It’s pretty clearly an update from an earlier edition and ends up being a bit jumbled because of it.

[ul]All of a sudden we are talking about manualy-created accessor methods
An “introduction” to properties which we have been using for the whole book so far
No mention of creating bindings with the Assistant Editor
No challenge
A rather abrupt ending[/ul]

The info in here is still useful, it’s just harder to dig out than it has been in the earlier chapters.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :smiley:


I think my main issue with this chapter (apart from the comments above by macshome, which I support) is that there is now one helluva mess surrounding the whole topic of properties, and synthesizing properties, and the use of underscore as a prefix to iVars.

So when you come to revise this chapter, some help in navigating through that mess would be enormously appreciated. :slight_smile: